Norrie McCathie Stand


Stadium Seating: 11,380

Pitch Size: 105 x 64 metres

Home Support Away Support
Norrie McCathie 3035 East Stand 3073
North West Stand 1189 North East Stand 1204
South Stand Centre 1279 South Stand East Wing 736
South Stand West Wing 762 Wheelchair Spaces 12
Directors 78
Wheelchair Spaces 12
Total 6355 Total 5025

 Date Opened/Upgraded:
South/Main Stand - Officially opened on 15th Dec 1962 by Mrs Jean Mackie JP Provost
Norrie McCathie - Opened Sept 1998
East Stand - Opened August 1998
North Stand - Upgraded 1997

Stadium Tours

If you would like a stadium tour, please contact Matt on 01383 745924 or email Groups of 1 to 40 can be catered for.


1. All matches are played in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League, and where applicable, the Regulations of FIFA/UEFA Competitions.

2. Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Club reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without prior notice and without liability.

3. Tickets allotted by this Club/event organiser are issued on the express condition that no holder thereof shall sell or transfer same for a larger price than appears on the face thereof. In the event of any breach of this condition, the Club reserves the right to cancel this ticket and to retain the money paid therefor on allotment.

4. In the event of the match being abandoned after having kicked off you may be entitled to a refund of the cash admission charge paid at the turnstile in the determination of the Club/Event Organiser acting reasonably.
Where a match is abandoned before the expiry of the first half admission arrangements for the rearranged fixture will be issued to those who attend the abandoned match. These arrangements in cases where the match is abandoned after the expiry of the first half shall be a matter for the reasonable discretion of the Club.

5. In the event of an all ticket match being postponed for any reason, the ticket will be valid on postponed date.
In the event of postponement/abandonment/ cancellation of a match you may be entitled to a refund (in full or in part depending on the circumstances) of the purchase price of the ticket. Please contact the Club/Event Organiser for details.

6. All children entering the Ground, must pay for admission or hold a valid ticket.

7. Unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter upon the trackside, field of play or any other place specified by the Club or Police.

8. With the exception of authorised Media representatives holding accreditation issued by the club/event organiser, the taking of photographs or filming by any means inside the Ground is prohibited. In addition, no transmission or reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise is permitted save with a special authorisation in writing by the club/event organiser and, where appropriate, the prior consent of the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League or appropriate body.

9. Only persons specially authorised in writing by the Club are permitted to offer Newspapers, Periodicals or any other Articles for sale in the Ground and any charitable collection will only be permitted within the ground with prior written consent of the Club.

10. Unnecessary noise such as from the use of radio sets and behaviour likely to cause confusion, annoyance or nuisance of any kind, is not permitted in any part of the Ground.

11. The use of threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language is strictly FORBIDDEN. Racial, sectarian, homophobic or discriminatory abuse or chanting is also forbidden and is considered as unacceptable conduct and may result in arrest and a lifetime ban from regulated football matches.

12. Please note that it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground:
      (1). Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is or was capable of holding liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person.
      (2). Whilst in possession of alcohol
      (3). Whilst drunk
      (4). Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas
      (5). Any article which is a firework.
             and all persons entering the ground may be searched by the police.

13. Standing is FORBIDDEN in seated viewing areas.
       26/11/08: Club Statement on Standing

14. Banners, or other articles which could, or might be used as a weapon, or to cause annoyance or unnecessary obstruction or offence, are not permitted within the ground.

15. All persons entering this Ground are admitted subject to the condition that they may be required to submit to search to prevent prohibited articles being brought into the Ground which might be used to cause injury or damage to other persons or property.

16. Under no circumstances is it permitted to throw any objects which may cause injury or offence whether on to the pitch or track or otherwise.

17. At all times, the right of admission is reserved by the Club and in general no transfers within the Ground are allowed. Spectators found in the wrong area amid opposing fans may be ejected.

18. All persons entering this Ground are admitted only subject to the above Ground Regulations and to the Rules and Regulations of the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League and the Scottish Football League. ENTRY TO THIS GROUND SHALL BE DEEMED TO CONSTITUTE UNQUALIFIED ACCEPTANCE OF ALL THESE RULES AND REGULATIONS.

19. The Club reserves the right for its servants and agents and for members of police forces to remove from this Ground any person who does NOT COMPLY WITH GROUND REGULATIONS AND WITH THE RULES AND REGULATIONS of the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League and/or, where applicable, the Regulations of the FIFA/UEFA Competitions or whose presence in the Ground is or could reasonably be construed as constituting a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to other Spectators.

20. Smoking in no-smoking areas is strictly FORBIDDEN

21. On no account will admission be granted to a person who is subject of a current Football Banning Order.

22. CCTV cameras may be in use and recordings could be used in any proceedings.

You should be aware that in terms of a protocol with the Scottish Police Service the details of any arrest or detention occurring in connection with a football match may be shared with the Club.

Football Banning Orders may be imposed on individuals who infringe these rules.


The Directors, Players, Management and Staff of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club wish to make clear their abhorrence of racism and sectarianism in any form, a view that we are sure most supporters attending matches at East End Park will share. All supporters are welcome to attend matches at East End Park regardless of the colour of their skin, ethnic background, and cultural or religious beliefs.

Any supporter caught racially abusing other supporters or any of the match participants or officials faces arrest, prosecution, confiscation of their season ticket and being banned from attending future games involving Dunfermline Athletic Football Club. Should you at any time hear or witness any abuse of this nature then please report it to the nearest steward or alternatively you can in confidence telephone the clubs Safety/Security Officer.

The Club is committed to continue working with football's anti-racism campaign, Kick It Out, to ensure that we are doing all we can to make East End Park racism and sectarianism free.


Dunfermline Athletic Football Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as much access as is reasonably possible to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered by the club.

The Club will operate a concessionary ticketing policy for disabled supporters and will ensure that the scheme does not discriminate between disabled people with differing impairments.

The Club recognises that not all of its facilities are fully accessible to disabled customers and confirms that it is committed to making the necessary reasonable adjustments described by the DDA and its relevant Codes of Practice to ensure full compliance with existing legislation.

The Club recognises that from 1st October 2004 there has been a requirement to remove permanent barriers that make it difficult or impossible for some disabled customers to access Club facilities. The Cub has in the past and will continually undertake such additional works as are reasonably required within the timescales of the act.

DAFC will instigate a training programme to ensure that all Senior Managers and appropriate "front line staff' are trained in the provisions of the act. Ongoing training will be included in staff induction programmes.

The Club will instigate a grievance procedure to ensure the any complaints of discrimination will be dealt with quickly under the procedure.

Dunfermline Athletic FC has advised its staff that any incident of discrimination will be dealt with under the Club's Disciplinary Procedures.


Dunfermline Athletic Football Club recognises the special bond between the Club and its supporters. It also recognises and respects the invaluable contribution the supporters make to the life of the Club and consequently to the wider community, and as such, the DAFC makes every effort to ensure that its policies and practices are open, accessible and communicated as effectively as possible with all its supporters.

The Club will conduct an annual review of its Customer Charter and associated activities, and make changes as appropriate in line with the guidance from relevant governing bodies and in line with any new applicable legislation. Documentary evidence of this shall be included in the Club's audit submission.

Key Issues
1. Accessibility
2. Matchday
3. Away Support
4. Loyalty and Membership
5. Consultation and Information
6. Merchandising
7. Staff Conduct
8. Customer Service

1. Accessibility
Dunfermline Athletic Football Club continues to strive to make wider access available to matches by offering the following:

· The Club offers a broad range of ticket prices. From single match tickets and family tickets and season tickets; a wide range of tickets and prices are available to all of our supporters.

· More than 40% of tickets to each game are made available to non-season ticket holders.

· Concessions are available for senior citizens over 60 years of age, for all junior supporters under the age of 21, full-time students, family group tickets, disabled supporters, unemployed and those receiving long term incapacity benefit. Children under the age of three receive season tickets free of charge from DAFC, when joining with an adult season ticket holder.

· Support for visually impaired supporters; disabled supporters and their carers are also available. Special areas are provided for disabled supporters and their carers for both home and away matches, providing flat access from access gate into the stadium. All carers gain access to the stadium free of charge.

· Comprehensive Match reports are published on DAFC's website for fans unable to attend matches. DAFC have also hired a part time assistant to place edited match highlights on their website, in line with SFL rules.

· The Club offers free or reduced admission to replays of abandoned games. If a match is abandoned after spectators are admitted to the ground but before kick-off, ticket holders are entitled to free admission to the rearranged match or a total refund. If a match is abandoned after kick-off spectators are entitled to reduced admission charge to the re­arranged match. A comprehensive refund policy is on display in the Ticket Office.

· Tickets for Cup competitions are announced to support following discussions between the clubs. Tickets for Cup matches are usually offered to season ticket holders and official supporters clubs in the first instance, and then to the general public.

· The Club ran four Kids for a Quid home match days in season 08/09 to encourage local children's attendance and interaction with DAFC.

· The Club reduced walk-up prices in it's last game before Christmas 2008; with adults reduced to £10 and U12 being admitted free of charge

· The Club donated more than 1500 children's tickets free of charge to local primary schools/ scouting groups/ youth clubs etc during 08/09; again to encourage local children's attendance and interaction with DAFC.

· As a general rule, ticket refunds are only issued in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Club. For full details of the Club's Refund Policy please contact the Ticket Office on 01383 745909.

· The Club offer customers the option to purchase season tickets by paying through monthly instalments, via a chosen finance house.

2. Matchday
Dunfermline Athletic Football Club will endeavour to, provide a safe, trouble free environment for all spectators and provide a quality service through our turnstile staff, catering outlets, stewards, Police and DAFC staff. In return Dunfermline Athletic Football Club expects spectators to refrain from using foul and abusive language, taunts or gestures of a racist, sectarian or obscene nature and to inform members of the security staff regarding anyone flaunting the above.

DAFC fully comply with Fife Council and SFA/SFL health and safety regulations/requirements in relation to crowd safety and control.

DAFC have initiated a text service on matchdays; any fan can text directly to our Safety Officer with details of any incidence of concern requiring immediate attention; ensuring fans can raise issues without drawing attention to themselves.

DAFC continually communicate with their chosen stewarding provider, G4S, raising any known issues prior to matches, and following the match.

3. Away Support: All Ticket Matches
· The Club's supporters are allocated tickets for away matches as follows;
tickets go on sale to the general public. The host club determines the cost of these tickets, sometimes in consultation with DAFC as appropriate.

· DAFC does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation. In particular, our concessionary rates are offered to senior citizens and junior supporters of visiting clubs.

· The Club abides by the SFL/SFA rules governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

4. Loyalty & Membership
· The Club offers all Season Ticket holders a discount on all official merchandise purchased at Pars Shop or through DAFC's official direct mail channels. The customer's season ticket number will be required for all purchases and personal callers will be required to produce their season tickets. This also includes online purchasers.

· Season ticket holders are also entitled to reduced rates within Corporate Hospitality.

· All DAFC Season ticket holders were issued with a FOC match ticket on 22/11/08 for use by their friends/family members to encourage non-active support back to DAFC

· DAFC arrange discounts for DAFC Season ticket holders at several local stores/restaurants annually, this year discounts are displayed within our Season Ticket leaflet.

· The Club runs a membership scheme for junior supporters - Young Pars membership entitles children to a membership pack, newsletter, Certificate of Membership, free entry to Christmas party, free birthday card and an opportunity to be chosen as a match-day mascot at home games a chance to be a ball boy/girl, and also at selected SFL away games.

5. Consultation and Information
· The Club consults supporters on a regular basis through supporters' club meetings. Bi monthly meetings are held for "United Pars" - an open to all fans forum - hosted by DAFC directors with guest players/coaches to discuss any issues, relay any issues.

· The club advertises a general enquiries email address to encourage interaction with fans.

· The Club regularly communicates with shareholders, sponsors, local authorities and other interested parties.

· The Club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for the changes.

· The Club communicates with its supporter base on a regular basis through the production of a match-day programme, DAFC website, regular mail shots and ongoing press and media releases.

6 Merchandise

· The Club communicates with its supporters regarding new replica strip designs and prospective launch dates.

· Future details of the next intended change of kits will be made available from the Club Shop.

· The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations.

Further information on many of the policies and activities described above can be found on our website at or in our match day programme.


In line with legislation regarding smoking in Public Places - The Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005  - DAFC implemented a No Smoking Policy throughout the stadium - with effect from 26th March 2006.

This will mean that no one is allowed to smoke anywhere within the stadium.

No Smoking at East End Park