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Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Supporters Charter


Dunfermline Athletic is a community owned football club firmly based in West Fife. Our club was established 1885, turning professional in 1899 and formally joining the Scottish league set up in 1912. Around this time it also gained its famous nickname, “The Pars”. DAFC has played in its iconic Black and White stripes since 1909, over a century in which the club’s supporters have seen many highs and lows with promotions and relegations, as well as cup final wins and defeats. However no time in the history of the club has been as traumatic as the last few years. With hard work, passion for our club and sacrifice, the people of West Fife have rallied around to save their local football team. As part of this restructure, Pars United Limited, the holding company for our club has been constituted as a “Community Interest Company”. As a result the directors of the football club have to ensure that our football club fulfils its obligations fully to the community of West Fife.

Upon purchase of the club, “Pars United (CIC) Limited” published a set of 12 key points as a framework of success for their future vision of our club which both supporters and the football club will strive to uphold.

To be recognised as a sustainable football and entertaining based community football club which:

• Is supporter owned, with fans’ organisations represented on the Board of Directors. Ownership is widely spread.
• Is rooted in its communities, respectful of its heritage and representing the city of Dunfermline with pride.
• Draws support from a diverse range of fans.
• Plays to entertain at the highest level with passions, skill, integrity and desire to win. The ultimate aim is to be the best team in Scotland while living within our means.
• Retains a strong focus on youth development.
• Recruits young and motivated players.
• Maintains good relationships with local businesses and suppliers.
• Operates within clear and realistic budgets at all times.
• Is transparent in all its activities and welcomes feedback from all stakeholders.
• Creates an atmosphere in which all staff be motivated to excel and to embrace “our vision” and are appreciated for doing so.
• Is managed, marketed and developed, both on and off the field, to the highest professional standards.
• Aspires to be a force to be reckoned within Scottish football, and respected by its peers.

Supporters’ Council

Requests for changes or additions to this Supporters’ Charter can be made via the DAFC Supporters’ Council. Any changes will be subject to a vote via the council and if successful a request can be made to the Board for the amendment. All requests are subject to DAFC Board approval, and they reserve the right to amend the charter if they feel it is on the best interests of our football club.

The Supporters’ Council is an important part of the governance structure of our club. There will be at least four meetings each year and members of the Board and management of DAFC will attend these meetings, to listen to the views of the supporters. They will also be afforded the opportunity to make presentations on any issues facing our club, and seek assistance with those challenges as appropriate. The spirit will be “around the table” and not “across the table”, because DAFC is a community club with everyone’s best interests at heart. The Supporters’ Council is all-inclusive and all supporters wishing to attend may do so.

Supporters` Service

Our staff are required and expected to maintain the highest standards of service and courtesy at all times, in all circumstances.

Our club does not tolerate discrimination or harassment against any individual or group on the basis of age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion, race, colour, nationality, disability or marital status.

Link to customer service policy and contact details


We are committed to providing value for money to the widest spectator base, through our pricing schemes. We will review ticket pricing annually and give the earliest possible notice of any changes to our ticketing policy.

Link to Ticketing policy


All replica strip designs shall have a minimum lifespan of one season. Details of the next intended change of strips will be available via the shop, official website, and match-day programme as quickly as possible.

Our club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations and on production of a valid receipt.
Our club carries out its obligations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of replica strips.

Disabled Supporter Facilities

DAFC undertakes to consult with local and national organisations representing disabled football supporters, with a view to meeting the reasonable match-day requirements of all supporters with physical disabilities, sensory impairment or learning difficulties. DAFC`s vision is that, over time and subject to the availability of funds, the club will be fully compliant with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Link to information on disabled supporter facilities

Match-day Experience

Supporter involvement is a key element of the match and should be encouraged. Crowd noise, particularly singing and chanting, is an important part of the atmosphere of a football match. Roaring your team on and enjoying yourself is an important part of the enjoyment of the game. However, songs or chants leading members of the community to believe, or allow the perception to exist, that they are excluded from supporting the team because of their colour, creed, gender, sexuality or religion are not acceptable. Humour and banter are part of the rivalry of Scottish football however it’s unreasonable to use these to abuse people, individually or collectively, to the point where the impression is given that they are not welcome at the match.

Flags and banners are to be encouraged at every opportunity providing they meet safety criteria.

The match should take place in a safe environment, where the facilities provided are appropriate for the diversity of the community likely to support or visit our club.

The starting position of all safety and security personnel should be of welcoming people to a sporting contest and respect that the vast majority are there to enjoy themselves legally and responsibly.

There should be an understanding between all groups of supporters clubs, personal police and stewards, that there are different communities of interest within a stadium, between home and away supports and within those supports themselves, which need to be looked after in different ways.

Dunfermline Athletic will also make it a priority to work with stakeholders at opposition football clubs to ensure the safety and treatment of our supporters is at an acceptable level.

In recognition of the desire for an option to stand within East End Park, the Board makes a long-term commitment to support safe standing within Scottish Football and at East End Park. This is subject to an area of the stadium being identified, all stakeholders for safety, planning permission being satisfied and funds being sourced, to complete the necessary relevant changes to the existing ground.


DAFC continues to develop ways to consult with its supporters on a regular basis; by means of the Supporters Council, forums, questionnaires and focus groups. Our club will ensure its position on major policy issues is made clear in match-day programmes, through direct communications to supporters by post, mail on www.dafc.co.uk, social media and via the Supporters’ Council.

Data Protection

DAFC takes the privacy of all its fans, customers and website users very seriously and takes great care to protect your information. Please read our privacy policy below.

Link to Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement


As a further commitment to the supporters of our football club, Dunfermline Athletic promises to ensure that restoring and retaining of the history of our club, is one of its key principles. The owners of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Ltd are the stewards of the football club’s heritage, and any material (tangible and intangible) in their possession which forms part of that heritage is held by the owners in moral trust for future generations and may not be sold or disposed of in any way without the prior agreement of a public meeting of both the Supporters’ and Patrons` Councils.

• The name of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club will not be changed without the prior agreement of meetings of both the Supporters’ and Patrons’ Councils.

• The predominantly black and white team colours of DAFC, since the year 1912, will not be changed without the prior agreement of meetings of both the Supporters’ and Patrons’ Councils.

• The unique triangular badge of DAFC, designed by Colin Dymock in 1957, will not be significantly changed without the prior agreement of meetings of both the Supporters’ and Patrons` Councils.

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