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Tuesday, 28th Jan 2014

JJ - Being away from home doesn't faze me.


The Pars are in the midst of four match run of away games that only a Scottish Cup replay against Rangers can prevent.  The Manager weighed up the attractions of being on the road:-

"You like playing at home because you've got the initiative at home but teams come to Dunfermline and they are happy to get a point sometimes. They play it a bit tighter, get behind the ball and if you don't do the right things quickly enough you always make it more difficult unless you can score early and make the other team come out.

"But away from home teams know they are at home and the initiative is with them to go and try to beat you. It suits us fine and we're not fazed by going away. We've gone to Stranraer, Ayr, Ayr in a difficult cup game, and we've been everywhere really. Forfar's the only one that's caused us problems but having said that we played well that day.

"It doesn't matter how you set up or where you play, if you make it easy by giving goals away that's the bit we've got to sort out because there's nothing worse than making it easy for the other team.

"Last week there was nothing we could do because the boy has hit it from 25 yards into the top corner, so we're blameless there really - apart from maybe a stray pass in the middle of the park but you're not expecting the boy to hit from 25 yards in the top corner. So we've been guilty of giving away goals we shouldn't be, but you just hope that's the kind of thing young boys learn from."


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