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James Thomas - ambitions

Wednesday, 20th May 2015

Club's top goalscorer hopes for bigger role next season

"The season has gone really well for me. I have obviously made a couple of appearances with the first team. I am top goalscorer at the club and I have really enjoyed it. They are a good bunch of lads and I hope next season can be the exact same and just keep it going. Hopefully more appearances for me and some of the other boys next season.

"Because we have been training with the first team every day you learn a lot and gain experience off them. It is really good, I have definitely progressed since I have come in here. That is a plus.

"With older age players coming back I don't think I have had enough game time. PJ and Gavin McMillan and I have not really had the chance to work together in the 20s and show what we can do. Now we are getting older and there are younger ones coming in then we might get the chance next season. A smaller first team squad might benefit us because there will be less first team boys needing a game in the under 20s."

With Andy Barrowman coaching the under 20s James was taught how to hold the ball up and feels he has benefited by winning more fouls against him that way.

"I have learned to use my body and my weight as much as possible but I still need to get stronger. I don't want to get really big because I do not want to lose my sharpness but just a bit stronger so that I can shrug players off. As I am getting older and still growing it will come a bit more naturally."

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