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Jim Jefferies Post Raith

Tuesday, 20th Aug 2013

20/08/13: JJ - "I was really pleased with their efforts tonight because I knew it was always going to be tough ...

Jim Jefferies v Raith Rovers

Jim Jefferies
felt that there was very little between the teams when his young side up came up against an experienced side like Raith in the Second Round of the Ramsden Cup.

"You know before the season starts that there is a little bit naivety but the frustrating thing for me is that before the game everybody is delegated who to pick up. We talked about where the ball would go and what they had to look out for. Then in two minutes, probably the one who is best in the air is picking up the centre half. We knew he was very good at getting round the back but you can only tell them and point it out.

"When your best in the air switches off for a second that is what happens - you get punished. So it was a horrible start and a bit similar to Saturday when we got off to a bad start. We responded well and I thought actually we started alright in the first few minutes, better than we have been doing.

"The first corner was a needless corner to give away, I think he could have shielded the ball to go out. Sometimes you get a bit of a brainstorm and give away a needless corner that we got punished from.

"We responded quite well, we had some really good open play and it was very tight. There was nothing in the game."

Joe Cardle goes over in the box

The gaffer felt that there was everything to play for at one goal down but recognised that Andy Geggan should have waited to try and block Joe Cardle's shot rather than sticking out a leg to concede a 65th minute penalty:-

"When we came out in the second half we started alright but they got a penalty. When Joe picks it up in these sort of conditions you know what he is going to do. He is going to run at you. Andy says that he got the ball but it doesn't matter if he got the ball or not, if you are making an attempt to get the ball in there, you should pull out of it.

"Just show him either side that you want him to go and then wait until he is ready to pull the trigger and try and block him. You never ever make a tackle because if you don't get the ball it is a penalty. It looked like a penalty and the referee was right there. Naivety - just doing the wrong things.

"If you look at the game after we went 2-0 down, it was a fantastic response. A lot of teams would buckle and say that it was over but we didn't. There was fantastic spirit amongst them and will. They were pushing forward to try get back in the game.

"As always happens to us lately with balls into the box, the last one summed it up when the defender had a miskick straight to the goalie. Nothing is falling for us at this moment but the idea is not to get too down about it.

Jim Jefferies

"The priority is in the league and we need to pick ourselves up for the weekend and then look forward to a cup tie at Falkirk that can put you in there with the big boys. That will not be easy but it is a learning curve for our team when they come against these experienced players.

"I thought tonight there was very little in the game and we more than matched them. They had a physical side and because they have more experience than us, we have to rely on getting the ball down, play and pass it. We did that on a lot of occasions but I just felt that the final ball either didn't fall for them or we did not have that quality pass that can sometimes make the difference between making a chance or not making a chance.

"I was really pleased with their efforts tonight because I knew it was always going to be tough. Every game we play against an experienced side is always going to be tough but that is not always to say that we are not capable of beating them. On the night we could have, if we had done a little bit better and cut out the glaring mistakes that cost us the goals.

"I couldn't fault them. Look at them at the end there, 2-0 down but never felt sorry and kept the pressure on. They were wasting time as always happens and clearing their lines. We just kept coming at them and that shows what these players have got. They have big hearts and will always go on until the very end. That means a lot."

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