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Jim Leishman Post St Mirren

Saturday, 23rd Sep 2006

I probably made a fool of myself at half time with the way I went about like a crazed animal.

Jim Leishman and Craig Robertson

"They were so negative in the first half. All week we have been saying 'this is a league game now, we are home'. We were disappointed on Wednesday with Rangers that we didn't do better. We wanted to be positive today and get the crowd behind us but at half time they were right to boo.

"We were very poor, we cannot accept that and they cannot accept that. I have never been so angry in my puff. I am still angry now that we have got to do that - shout and bawl. I probably made a fool of myself at half time with the way I want about like a crazed animal.

"We were so negative but we were like two teams. It was take a touch and go across the way and back the way even when we had two wide boys. Just now is the wrong time to talk to them because we are still a bit angry.

"Greg Shields felt his legs were a bit heavy from the two hard games against the Old Firm so I have not really asked for an opinion yet.

"We were a lot better in the second half. If we had got beat 1-0 and played for 90 minutes like we did in the second half and entertained the crowd with Stevie Crawford chances and got in behind them; it would be far more entertaining.

"Darren Young was a different boy in the second half. Stevie Crawford and Jim Hamilton were different. The second half was much better and more acceptable.

"Bamba was lucky to stay on the park. He used two hands so there is no doubt that he should have been sent off. He wouldn't understand if I rabbit into him. We have to wait until I can sit him down.

Stevie Crawford v St Mirren

"At this stage it is far more important to get the points. It is important to keep in touch with the teams above us and we have done that. Freddie Daquin, Aaron Labonte and Phil McGuire were out today; there are three in addition to the four or five longer term. Seven of the first team squad out but luckily we had players we could be put on the bench. Scott Wilson went off with a hamstring injury; he was getting treatment for it before so hopefully he will be alright to get through next week.

"It was important to get three points today and win at all costs. We have won the last two league games at home and we need the fans coming back. We won't get them back with the first half performance but I think the second half performance will get them coming back here. It will be a long hard struggle but we are prepared for that."

Dunfermline v St Mirren

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