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Wednesday, 23rd Jul 2008

Strikers urgently required
"I am prepared to wait but with myself getting injured tonight it does mean we have only got Graham up there.

Jim McIntyre

Jim McIntyre was content with the pre season friendly against his old club, Dundee United: but he described the injury he picked up as a 'disaster'-

"I have torn my calf again. That's four times I have done it now. We will have to see how it is in the next couple of days. It is really really frustrating when you do all the pre season stuff and then that happens. It is very disappointing."

For a squad that was already light the urgency to sign two strikers now becomes acute with the league opener only ten days away and the transfer window only open for another six weeks:-

"I have found several players but they have been outwith our price range. It is not a case of I've not found any. I have made offers to six players and been outbid for six players. The type of player I am looking for is someone who is going to improve my squad. I am not going to sign a 'run of the mill' player just to make up the numbers.

"There's plenty of talent there, it is whether the clubs that I am speaking to are willing to do business and do business at the prices we can afford. I mean by that, in terms of wages not transfer fees because we don't have money to pay transfer fees. That's the difficulty in trying to bring somebody here; fitting in with the wage scale because things have changed dramatically from the SPL days."

The Manager reflected on the difficulty in securing signings:-

"I am disappointed that one or two haven't come but at the end of the day they have families to look after. So they are only looking after their own ends which is fair play to them. We will keep looking and I am waiting on decisions from a few managers in terms of loan signings. I am not going to talk about who they are or where they are but I am waiting on decisions and I will have to wait on that.

"I am prepared to wait but with myself getting injured tonight it does mean we have only got Graham up there (as striker). OK Kevin Harper can play there; he has played there for Hibs. He can be an emergency striker if we need it but I'd prefer to get two in before a week on Saturday."

With Iain Williamson referred to the doctor for tests, Steven Bell still three weeks away from contention, Graeme Holmes possibly another week away, Scott McBride maybe ready for Saturday, the lay off estimated at six weeks for Macca will focus the efforts to make those signings sooner rather than later..

Jim considered Dundee United a real test and great for his team to play against a very good side:- "They were strong and quick; these are the type of games that we want to play in." Time will tell whether or not it is an advantage playing teams from a higher level in pre season:-

"It is the same as the games in Austria; it's against teams that are probably a bit better than us so you are getting tested more. We know what the SFL teams are all about. We have had a season there; they work extremely hard and we have to match that and hopefully your better players will win you the game on the day. First and foremost you have to grit your teeth, roll your sleeves up and fight for everything."

After five pre season matches the Manager feels that he is forming a vision of how his team is going to shape up although he won't let Saturday's Challenge Cup match against Stirling Albion get in the way of the big one for him, the opening league game at Firhiill:-

"OK the Challenge Cup is on Saturday but that is part of the build up. The work rate tonight was excellent, they knocked the ball about well at times - that was the positives for me when it was against a good side with excellent movement in the middle of the park.

"I thought Nick Phinn took his goal really well. There were some pleasing things especially when you see the young boys coming on. Young (Ryan) Thomson came on near the end and got stuck in. He got right in about it, it is great experience for the kids. You never know when we might need them - if we get a couple of injuries we will be down to the bare bones, we are not carrying a big squad so we might need them."


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