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Saturday, 25th Jan 2014

25/01/14: JJ - "it is a game that we should never have lost ...

Dug out at Brechin

Listen to these Jim Jefferies post match comments

After seeing his team going down to defeat for the second week running, Dunfermline Manager Jim Jefferies was very disappointed when he gave his post match comments:-

"I am hugely disappointed because we were 2-0 up and coasting; probably playing one of our best performances for weeks. We were so much in control and then we go and let them back into the game.

"Young boys have got to realise the situation. We are 2-0 up and then they go and make a mistake. All they need to do is to keep it for the next ten to fifteen minutes and the game is over.

"We let them back into the game too quickly. There is one thing at 2-0, when a team scores they get a lift from it and that is what Brechin did. Again we talked about it before the game; we had them watched and we knew that they would take a short corner but we switched off. It was a lack of concentration because they suddenly realised that they are in a game.

"When the ball came in they got a wee break because I think it was an own goal off Hubby. The ball was whipped across the face and it has hit him and gone in.

"Then we were pushing forward to try and get a winner. We had a good three or four chances to score more than two goals but sometimes we left ourselves exposed."

Referring to the 89th minute goal that Darren Petrie scored for Brechin, the gaffer said:-

"Ryan Williamson is a young kid who has had a great game but you just see the naivety when Josh is trying to keep the ball in play but he runs past him. There is only one way that Josh can keep the ball in to keep the play alive but that sets them up for the third goal.

"It was young basic naivety and making mistakes. As I have said before, you will find yourself getting punished more often than not. It is not a game that Brechin won today, it was a game that Dunfermline lost because from the position that we were in all we needed to do was see it out.

"I keep saying it every week; young boys have inconsistencies, not just week to week but sometimes during games. They were doing so well at 2-0. We had a couple of great chances to kill them off in the first half and go in further ahead. When you don't and at 2-0, to be fair to them they didn't get the heads down. They kept battling away and I am afraid that we assisted them by letting them get back into the game. Once they got back into the game it gave them a massive lift and they have gone on and taken full advantage of it.

"Credit to them for doing that but it is a sore one because it is a game that we should never have lost. There is no doubt about that and it is harder to take because up until 2-0 it was probably one of our best performances for the last few weeks."


Listen to these Jim Jefferies post match comments

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