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Friday, 31st Jan 2014

30/01/14: JJ - "We have spoken to a couple of players and it's a long way from being settled ...

Press call

Much to the disappointment of the assembled media, Jim Jefferies had no real transfer news on Thursday:-

"You know what football is like and it will probably be mad up to about half an hour before the deadline.  We have spoken to a couple of players and it's a long way from being settled but a wee step has been made - they are at least thinking about it seriously now. We've been given permission to speak to one of them so we've left it up to his agent to see if we can get him and we'll see what happens.

"It might take a few days to happen, and right up until the last minute, but we're a little bit more hopeful today than we were say on Wednesday night."

Andy Geggan has declared that he wants to stay at Dunfermline  "He loves the club, but we don't talk to his agent until Monday. Andy's just intimated that he's happy here and is looking forward to getting his offer so he can discuss it with his agent.  I'd imagine we'd have some news before the Rangers game, which I hope is positive.

"We targeted him as one of the players to have a chat to but haven't been able to yet. His agent has been down in England this week because he's had other business to attend to with other players."

Callum Morris is reported to be "having a think about it".

"I wanted them to make their mind up ASAP and Callum has asked for a few more days so I've said that's fine. We're still very positive about it. The reason I want an early answer is to take the worry away from news of the uncertainty and then we know we can move forward, that's all.

"They are well within their rights to do what they want to do and nobody's criticising them for it.  This club has come through a lot in the last wee while and the fans have played a big part in that. They've played a part in raising money through various sources and every penny they raise, along with people on Pars United, is being put towards the football club. There's no debt here, so these people have been responsible for bringing the players up to date, and they didn't have to.

"We're not stopping anybody moving on to greater things but we're looking for something back. It doesn't have to be asking stupid money, we're not in a position to do that, but an amount that wouldn't be - I think - out of the way for these boys which might go to helping me replace them or improve the side.


"That's the message I'm trying to get across to them: that the fans have worked hard and if they see that someone is committed to helping the club get up rather than just walking away, I think that would hold them in big esteem with the supporters. I'm trying to protect them as well.

"Football is like that and I'm not daft enough to know it isn't. The good thing is for the club is that I'm probably experienced enough to handle it because I've had it plenty of times, so we'll see what happens."

Asked if the inability to conclude a contract with Josh Falkingham might create a fans reaction since their fund raising efforts have been to keep the side together, Jim Jefferies replied:-

"I hear things and I don't know if they are true or not and that's the bit where you try to protect the players because they are terrific boys and work their socks off.  I've also learned that people tell you they will commit on the pitch, and there is a percentage who do that. Experience tells me it's a very small percentage.

"I can give you a great example when we won the cup in 98 (with Hearts against Rangers). Nobody does it intentionally, and I must make that point, but it's a subconscious thing if you know you are not going to be there.

"You just need to look at players who have moved on and ask: 'Have they ever been the same?'

"Some players can convince managers that they will be and they end up saying they weren't the same player and they end up losing their form and their place in the team and it doesn't do anybody any favours. You try to pass that information on, that's all.

"If at the end of the day, if a club comes in for you bigger than Dunfermline and you want to go, this club is not in a position to hold you back."


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