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Managers post Ayr United

Saturday, 19th Oct 2019

Link to audio of both managers post match interviews

- - Listen to this Stevie Crawford interview

“When you come in and look at results, this League is very very tight” opened Pars Manager Stevie Crawford.

“We are delighted that we have managed to get a home victory, not just for the fans but for everybody connected£ with the club. It took two of our players to come in with head wounds today and a wonder goal from Ashy on the volley.

“It allows us to go into the second quarter now with more confidence and in a positive way. We are a young squad that were tested. Sometimes I don’t like singling boys out but I think that it is important for the environment that we are trying to create here.

“The attitude of Josh Edwards since he came to the club from Airdrie has been outstanding but today he got a very hard time on the pitch. We are here to help him, help players like that because he knows that has had a very tough afternoon.

“It is easy to go in there, have a go and shout at players but he gave a hundred per cent today. There is no crime in that. What we hope is that today he will learn from it and it will be somebody next week and somebody else the following week.

“It is always easier when you get the three points but it is about being brave enough to create that culture, try to progress players and make them better.”

The team showed good spirit when Ayr United went 2-1 up early in the second half. SC reflected on the ird minute ‘penalty’ that wasn’t given:-

“Within the first quarter we have conceded four penalties, I have not looked back at myself but I am told that it is a clear penalty on Nisbet. He has had a free header in my eyes whether there has been a pull but there are other people telling me that was a penalty. You think is it another day like that.

“The important thing for me is that we got a reaction to going 2-1 down. I spoke with Greg (Shields) and Jason (Dair) about whether it was right time to bring Kevin Nisbet off. Greg Kiltie was playing really well in behind, Ryan Dow was a threat on the right and we had brought on Josh Coley.

“It was absolutely the right decision. Andy Ryan has scored down down at Morton in the previous game, he was deserving of his chance. To get the best out of Andy Ryan we had to put him on upfront. There were a lot of questions answered today. Let’s not get carried away and we have to make sure that we can carry that into the second quarter.

“Cammy Gill has pulled off a couple of great saves. It was an open game and maybe when people look at when I first came into the job last season, there was a lot of, I am not saying negative football, but we were trying to grinding results. Today was different and I thought that it was an attractive game for the Scottish Championship that people will go away having enjoyed the game.

“I must give credit to Ayr United, they are a handful going forward and asked questions of our defensive players. Moffat was excellent with his link up play, he is clever and subtle with his touches. I am sure that they go on and do well in the Championship. I thought that it was a great advert today.”

The manager went on to put the ball in both teams nets:-

“Lee Ashcroft is not going to score one of them every week. He will probably be lucky to score one or two of them in his career.

“Ashy has had to face me taking the captaincy off him. It was for the right feeling for the group. It was nothing to embarrass Ashy. He is a man because he has taken it in that manner and not buckled. He is playing every week for us at the moment. It would have been easy for him to throw the toys out of the pram but it meant something. You could see the way he celebrated today, he is a good character and he will go on to do well for us this season.

“Ashy is 26 years of age and has a lot of years ahead of him still. It wasn’t anything personal against him, I felt that it was right to give Pates the captaincy and Ashy has responded in the way that we had hoped.

“A lot of the boys in there deserve a lot of credit. It is one game but getting a victory at East End - the first of the season in the league, it is a nice feeling for a Saturday night for a lot of us.”

Greg Kiltie scored the opening goal after good link up play between Dow and Nisbet and he was involved in the build up to Andy Ryan’s winner. SC added:-

“Kyle Turner was asked to play out on the left because we were pushed in terms of injuries that we have faced in the first quarter. Greg Kiltie played out on the led for a few games but he is more creative in the middle. Today we thought Kyle could maybe come in on his right foot playing in from the left hand side. Is it his natural position? No, but he dug in and he gives you 100 per cent.

“Greg was more creative today in the middle. They moved Ryan Dow’s ball in to Nisbet, then the flick and the composure by Greg to take it round the keeper and score shows the quality that he has got but also his weighted pass through to Andy Ryan for the third goal was very pleasing.

“The timing of when he released the pass is something that Greg will bring to the team. There is now competition for places in these forward areas.”

- - Hear the comments of Ayr caretaker manager

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