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Reece Duncan - the Interview

Saturday, 19th Dec 2015

"I could look back on everything that I had come through being injured, all of it felt like it had paid off now that I am back playing."

Reece Duncan signed a two year apprenticeship at Dunfermline, in the summer of 2015.

Tell us a bit about your early years?

"I am 17 years old born in Kincardine so important that I'm a Fifer since I was brought up in Falkirk. I lived in Torryburn for the first two years of my life, then in Kincardine before moving to Falkirk. I went to Tulliallan Primary School and then Graeme High School in Falkirk."

How long have you been at Dunfermline?

"I came to Dunfermline just at the very end of under 15s. I had been at Rangers for a season and a half and prior to that at Syngenta Boys Club in Falkirk."

What is your preferred position?

"John Potter has convinced me thato I am a full back, he sees me best at right back but will have to wait and see. I am a full back for now. I don't think I have a preferred position I am just interested in getting game time anywhere and developing."

So where have you played before.

"I have played everywhere except centre half. Last season I played left back, right back, right wing, left wing, centre midfield, upfront everywhere. With me being an attacking player and full backs like Ryan Williamson coming into the game more, I think that is what Potts sees. He knows his stuff."

You signed an apprenticeship deal at Dunfermline but have not featured until recently?

"That's because I did my cruciate on 8th February. I got surgery on 25th February and I was out until July when Kenny Murray started to work on me. I had a six week gym programme to strengthen the muscles back up in my legs and make sure that I am not susceptible to a cruciate injury again.

"I got back into training about six and a half months after my injury. Then getting game time meant it was eight months in total. Kenny Murray and John Potter have been fantastic right through my injury. They have always been there because it is tough mentally being injured."

How did it feel to be back playing?

"My first appearance back was in a friendly against Dundee up there but I was so nervous just coming back. Not only being injured for that long but I missed out on development as well. I only played under 17s football last season, 20s are a massive step up from 17s.

"I only played twenty minutes at Dundee but after the game I was knackered because I was running up and down, running everywhere and just buzzing.

"Once I calmed down after the game I could look back on everything that I had come through being injured, all of it felt like it had paid off now that I am back playing."

What do you hope to achieve this season?

"I just want to lock down a place in the 20s squad and get 90 minutes as much as I can. I want to progress to make an impression on the manager and Sandy and maybe even get into the first team squad. I know it is not going to be easy but I will keep working hard everyday."

What tasks are allocated to you?

"Originally I was on Ryan Williamson and Callum Fordyce's boots because they were full backs. Sadly they got injured so I was also on Shaun Rooney's boots when he signed for the club but he threw my right off them because he thought that I was a jinx. Now I have only got Gary McCall the Sport Scientist because he is not going to get injured! Nobody wants me to clean their boots."

How do you enjoy being an apprentice?

"Last year I was watching Joe Cardle playing in the Premier League on the telly, now I am training with him everyday. Obviously all my friends are jealous. I come in in the morning and I get paid to play football and do something that I love.

"The players who play in your position mentor you. I have seen Jordan Orru doing it with Jason Talbot. When they come to play with us they are brilliant, they have fantastic attitudes."

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