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Ryan revs up rehab

Friday, 1st Jan 2016

"One of the doctors said that I could forget about the rest of the season; my leg would be in a cast.

Ryan Williamson's best Christmas present was confirmation from the medics that his leg break has now recovered sufficiently to start back running. Speaking exclusively to this website Ryan told us:-

"As a result of an X-ray just before Christmas I was given the all clear to start doing jogging and running, put more weight through it. That was what I was looking forward to hearing, I couldn't wait to hear that. It was a perfect Christmas present.

"I have not been doing a lot, it has been the tread mill and building it up by doing some running around the park. I will have to take it step by step at the moment and up it as the weeks come."

Having a dislocated knee cap last season means that Ryan has experience of just how long and arduous the comeback to fitness process is.

"It has helped me in a way because being out for such a long time I have known what to expect this time. My rehab has been different but I know that now that I am running that the light is at the end of the tunnel."

Ryan broke his leg in the Petrofac Training Cup tie on 18th August and with the team doing so well Ryan could not wait for the season ahead of him. He was flying and the results had gone 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1 then his lights went out with a double leg break in a tackle near the end of the cup tie at Forfar. It appeared that Ryan's bad luck had returned on that fateful Tuesday night. He continued:-

"I have not had much luck over the last year but hopefully that is my bad luck out of the way. I do regret going into the tackle given the stage in the game. It is a split second decision at the time, I shouldn't have, we were 3-0 up with three minutes to go.

"I should just have used my head and just left it. I did it and it happened, it can't be changed now and I just have to deal with it. I like to think that I have learned my lesson now and I will not make that mistake again."

Targets are difficult to set but Ryan has definitely got his eye in playing some part in Dunfermline Athletic's push for promotion this season. He could be six or eight weeks away from a return to training.

"It is so hard with the metalwork being in my leg it depends how my body reacts to that as I put it to the test. The day after I broke it when I was up at Ninewells, one of the doctors said that I could forget about the rest of the season; my leg would be in a cast.

"Kenny, Ivan the surgeon and the gaffer sat down with me and my dad and we weren't sure what to do at first. Kenny spoke to a couple of surgeons, one who pinned the leg of Celtic player Emilio Izaguirre."

Pars fans may recall the Honduran internationalist, Emilio Izaguirre, making his return from a leg break injury when he came on for Victor Wanyama to play the final ten minutes against Dunfermline at East End on 2nd January 2012. His injury had occurred in the second league match of the season against Aberdeen on 7th August, so this was a remarkable fix.

"We came to the conclusion that the best route to recovery was to get my leg pinned. I do not regret it. I am going to be back a lot quicker than what I would have done. I think it was definitely the best option.

"If the pin becomes a problem you just take it back out. It is the full length of my shin screwed in at the top and bottom. I might have a few issues going through airports now! "

Ryan is glad that Club physio Kennny Murray is keeping him on track:-

"I have had so many questions, not sure what to do about my rehab but he has advised me and worked me hard in the gym. He has been brilliant with me and Callum Fordyce. Having Dycey there as a partner has been easier for me. I did the first few weeks in the gym myself while Callum was still playing but it is so much easier when you have someone there with you to push each other on."

The 19 year old who was included in Scotland Under 18 training camps just two years ago would much rather be playing but his current role as supporter has been an enjoyable one through the run that the first team has put together.

"The fact that the boys are winning makes it much easier. The boys have been absolutely brilliant, I just hope that I can get back as soon as I can and play a part. Hopefully they can keep winning until I get back but I think that it is going to be difficult to get back into the team."

Out of contact at the end of this season, Ryan feels that it is essential to get himself back fit and performing well.

"The fact that I am out of contract has made it all the more frustrating but the club in general and the gaffer have been great. They have assured me that everything will be alright."

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