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Update from Pars United -

The Pars United CIC and DAFC AGMs are approaching.

In advance of these AGMs, which will cover the year to 31 May 2015 - the first year unaffected by administration - the Pars United CIC Board have put together an updated document for the reference of supporters outlining exactly how our club is owned, governed and managed. This information was previously issued before our club came out of administration, with the original material talking in part about matters such as interim arrangements which have now expired, so it was felt that it would be beneficial to supporters to bring these up to date.


Two years ago, on 1 April 2013, the concept of Pars United (“PU”) came into being, when a number of Pars supporters, including the Pars Supporters’ Trust (“the PST”), committed funds in excess of £100,000 to allow Bryan Jackson and Bob Barclay (“BDO”) to be appointed as administrators of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Ltd (“DAFC”, “the Club”)), rather than as liquidators.

A lot has happened in that period. In particular, the transitional arrangements put in place for the ownership, governance and management of the various companies involved have evolved, or have been replaced, by the more permanent arrangements in force today.

Like all businesses, football clubs have a number of stakeholders. Unlike other businesses, however, virtually all of the stakeholders of a football club are interested, to a greater or lesser extent in how their club is structured, owned, governed and managed. This paper (link below) summarises how these operate within the PU entities.

April 2015

- - Ownership, Governance & Management

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