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Alex Rae Post Match Comments

Saturday, 5th Jan 2008

"It was another iffy performance by the referee. That seems to be every week so we will need to make some phone calls because this is getting beyond a joke."

Manager Jim McIntyre did not speak to the press after the drawn game but Dundee Manager Alex Rae had much to say especially about Referee John McKendrick:-

"I would say a draw is about right. It was difficult; they have some very good players and it was never going to be a drab game. There were good quality players on both sides. It was another iffy performance by the referee. That seems to be every week so we will need to make some phone calls because this is getting beyond a joke."

Alex Rae is serving a six match ban from the touchline following being sent to the Dens Park stand against Hamilton and receiving a two match ban for his actions. He was also sent to the stand against Dunfermline a week later and was given a further four match ban. By naming himself as a sub for the match against the Pars he was back in the dug out for the crucial clash as second played fourth. He was critical of the match official adding:-

"He missed fouls, missed free kicks. I am complaining but because I'm a sub I am not allowed to comment which makes it easier. We are not allowed to comment on mistakes. It is every week, it is beyond belief."

Rae was uncertain whether on not being on the bench allowed him to question the referee's decisions:-

"I do not even know. Whatever it is to give him an easy life I think. It is probably just as well as I have been suspended that I am up in the stand. I would probably end up getting sine die if I actually said what I wanted to say."

Who was Rae going to call and what difference was that going to make?

"I don't know I am just going to put the call in anyway and see what we can do because for me it is not what I am looking for."

Was this about all referees?

"No it is not just about him today, although he goes in there well with the best of them, but in general I just think the standard has been pretty low. When you ask him at half time when I was jokingly saying listen I am player manager trying to get across a point, he went 'I will get the last laugh'. I don't tolerate that.

"I will have the last laugh, is it a competition? I am trying to get my point across to win a league and we get performances week in week out like that and it is costing us a fortune in players' wages. I don't know who these guys are accountable to because I have yet to see one who doesn't get a game the following week.

"In England I grew up with the referees. They grew up as we were growing up, we had our to's and fro's. But it doesn't seem to be that, it is an us and them type mentality. What can you do?"

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