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Pars Breathing Confidence

Friday, 11th Nov 2016

Jason Talbot says everything has to be positive because there is only one way to be.

Jason Talbot is delighted that the Pars defence has been a lot stronger in the last two matches. Conceding just one goal in the last three hours of football has taken the criticism off the back four but the 31 year old left back does really think much has changed to cause this:-

"We look a lot stronger, we have just had a bit of confidence breathing through at least the back four. That gives the confidence to the middle four and the front two as well to work as a unit. What has improved the most is that we are all working together. It is not just dribs and drabs.

"For the past three or four games we have worked on that a lot and it seems to be working apart for one or two goals that we have let in.

"If it`s an individual error, they hold their hands up and apologise. You might get a shout off the gaffer, Sandy (Clark) or other players but it is constructive in all things. Everything has to be positive because there is only one way to be.

"It is a team game and everyone has to defend together as well as attack together. I think that is what has happened in the last few games."

Defence problems sorted, the team now has to find the net if they are going to win matches. Jason feels that the chances have been coming the Pars way but luck has not been present.

"Even on Tuesday night when we were down to ten men we still had chances. In the final third we were getting balls into the box. We could easily have had a penalty given, if that challenge had been made outside the box it would have been a free kick.

"Our luck will change, it has to. You can`t play the way you have been playing in the last two or three games and not have the luck.

"It is frustrating as a fan as it is to the management staff. We get there and then we end up letting ourselves down. I was partially to blame for the goal on Tuesday night. Momentarily we were ball watching from the corner, these are the things that have to change."

Jason who started his career at Bolton Wanderers and then Derby County and Mansfield Town finds this season`s fixtures against Dundee United somewhat repetitive.

"That is the thing with Scottish football, there are only so many teams you can play but you just have to go and play the opposition that`s in front of you. We know that we have nothing to be scared off, up until the sending off we know that we were the better team. We had chance after chance and a good few corners. They didn`t really push until near the end and they got the goal."

The Irn Bru Cup is a welcome break from the league programme claimed Jason when the pressure of seeking three points is no longer there.

"It`s knock out and a game that could take us to the semi finals. There are not many big teams left. As well as a Dundee United we are probably one of the biggest left along with Queen of the South."

Although results do not suggest Dunfermline are one of the better teams in the Championship, the work rate, commitment and style of play they have is second to none claimed Jason.

"We play quick fast attacking football and when we defend, we defend really well. Between us and Dundee United there is not as big a gap as everyone seems to think.

"A win would give us a massive lift ahead of next week`s game against St Mirren. They are struggling worse than we are. I can`t see any confidence breathing through that team. The way we are playing at least shows that there is still confidence in the team. Our results will change eventually and a win on Saturday would be a great boost."

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