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The first event was staged at the Glen Pavilion in Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline on 27 November 2004. Its purpose was to recognise some of the football club`s greatest heroes by celebrating their achievements and by including them for all time in a Roll of Honour.

They represent a wide range of personalities - from those whose skills were among the best ever seen at East End Park, to those who showed great leadership and courage. There there are those whose loyalty spanned very many years in support of the club they loved.

Not only have the events proved successful and enjoyable, but they have also been emotional occasions - especially in 2005 when manager and host Jim Leishman was caught unawares as he found himself nominated for inclusion.


Membership bestowed in Season 2004-2005
Jimmy McConville, JP: Director and Club Secretary, 1952-1990
Jock Stein, CBE: Manager, 1960-1964
Willie Cunningham: Player, Captain and Manager, 1960-67
George Farm: Manager, 1967-1970
Ron Mailer: Player and Captain, 1951-1964
Jim MacLean: Player and Captain, 1962-1966
Roy Barry: Player and Captain 1966-1969
Joe Nelson: Trainer and Kit man, 1968-present
Charlie Dickson: Player and record goalscorer, 1955-1964

Membership bestowed in Season 2005-2006
Harry Melrose: Manager, General Manager and Player, 1958-1965, 1975-1980, 1990-1992
Pat Gardner: Player and Scottish Cup winner, 1967-1972
Sam Hutchison: Long serving club servant, 1963-present
John Lunn: Player and Scottish Cup winner, 1961-1973
Alex Edwards:Player and Scottish Cup winner, 1962-1971
George Miller: Manager, player and captain, 1959-1964 and 1972-1975
Jim Leishman: Player, Manager and Director of Football, 1971-1976, 1983-1990 and 2003-present

Membership bestowed in season 2006-2007:
Jim Herriot: Player, 1958-1965 and 1975
George Peebles: Player, 1955-1966
Bent Martin: Player, 1966-1970
Alex Smith: Player, 1958-1966
Eddie Connachan: Player, 1957-1963
Duncan Simpson: Programme Editor and Club Historian, 1985 - Present

Membership bestowed in season 2007-2008:
Sir Alex Ferguson, CBE: Player, 1964-1967
Andy Stevenson: Head Trainer and Physiotherapist, 1964-1974
Bill Gilby: Club Steward and Toastmaster, 1981 - 2011

Membership bestowed in season 2008-2009:
Jim Bowie. Player 1976-1986
Willie Callaghan: Player 1960-1972
Pete Campbell: Chairman of Centenary Club 1990-
Bert Paton: Player and Scottish Cup winner 1961-1972 and Manager 1993-1998
Jim Thomson: Player and Coach: 1961-71 and 1972-82
Hugh Whyte: Player, captain and Club Doctor

Membership bestowed in season 2009-2010:
Kenny Thomson: Player 1970-1982
Bobby Robertson: Player 1975-1988
Norrie McCathie: Player 1985-1996
John Watson: Player 1983-1989

Membership bestowed in season 2010-2011
Cammy Fraser: Player 1959-1962
Jackie Sinclair: Player 1960-1965 and 1973-1975
Ian Westwater: Player 1985-1991 and 1994- 2000
Stevie Crawford: Player 1999-2004 and 2006-2008

Membership bestowed in season 2011-2012:
Hamish French. Player 1991-2000
Andy Tod: Player 1993-2000, 2003-2007
Jackie McNamara: Player 1991-1995
The 1961 Scottish Cup Winning Team

Membership bestowed in season 2011-2012:
Andy Wilson: Player 1919-1923
Bobby Skinner: Player 1924-1927
Allan Evans: Player 1973-1978
Istvan Kozma: Player 1989-1992
Alex Mill: Stadium Announcer: 1992-2012

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